feeding the hungry & finding the missing

Why We Exist

"Growing up in Brazil we experienced a lot of human injustice. Poverty was a way of life and seeing it broke my heart daily. Then when Vitor's sister disappeared into thin air, we knew it was time for us to move the family to the US. A place where in our minds, our family could live free of these oppressions. However, now after years of residing here, and especially after Covid-19, we are saddened to discover that similar problems occultly exist here as well. Even in our very own neighbourhoods where we live and work! For this reason Vitor and I formed this not profit organization called Together For Them. In such a great country that we now call home, and one that has given us so much opportunity, the problem of food insecurity and missing people should not be allowed to exist. This nonprofit is our personal labor of love, and a way to give back to our community and the people we now call our neighbours. Our goal is to reach every neighborhood where we do business, so that we can positively impact that community. It is our way insure that those who support us are also benefited where ever in the world that may be. Some call it social responsibility, I call it "loving thy neighbour"!
Joana Belfort Head Shot
Joana P Belfort
Co Founder

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our project to feed hungry children this fall

Together for Them

Back in 2005 Joana and Vitor first started working together to help their neighbours back in Brazil by going deep into the Brazilian Rain Forest to bring aid to its indigenous inhabitants . 

Vitor Belfort in the amazon

A Labor Of Love

They made several trips to bond and build lasting friendships with the less fortunate and endangered indigenous people of the Amazon. They worked on supplying them with food, fresh water and economic relief.

The Hopeless Fight

The Belfort family suffered a crippling blow in 2004, when Priscila, Vitor’s sister went missing. He was UFC champion at the time and used all media opportunities to tell the world, but nothing worked. He and Joana are both deeply committed to helping others avoid this painful experience. See the story below…

Vitor Belfort wearing missing sister picture

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We need Your Help
To Fight Local Hunger Together 4 Them!

Who We Are

Every one of our team members is devoted to transparently delivering the best results to our mission of feeding the hungry and finding the missing.

joana-prado Belfort

Joana P Belfort

Co Founder​

Vitor Belfort sitting in Lotus position

Vitor Belfort

Co Founder

FL22 115

Florida’s 22nd congressional district encompasses the coast line up from Broward County to southern Palm Beach County. It is the home of the third busiest cruise ship port in the world, Port Everglades. It includes the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, part of Pompano Beach, and Coral Springs.


262 sq mi (680 km2)


·         100% urban

·         0% rural

Population (2016)


Median income



·         60.17% white

·         20.4% Hispanic

·         15.84% black

·         3.32% Asian

·         0.27% Native American


·         https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida%27s_22nd_congressional_district

Help Feed the Children


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