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Globally, over 4 million people are trafficked for labor or sexual exploitation and approximately 600,000 to 800,000 missing persons cases are opened each year in America. Together 4 Them is a 501(c) nonprofit organization created by Joana Prado Belfort, wife of Vítor Belfort, to bring unique awareness and educational programs about human trafficking and missing person cases to communities across the country and the world. With a deep personal connection to the situations these victims and their families have been through, Joana and Vitor have made Together 4 Them their top priority to help survivors, as well as drive momentum forward for those who are still without closure. Together 4 Them is preparing several new initiatives to further our work of providing community, connection, new hope, and rejuvenation. Join us in our efforts and stay tuned for more important announcements to come!

On January 9th, 2004

Priscila Belfort, Vitor’s sister, went to work in Rio de Janeiro downtown, Brazil, as she used to do everyday.

However, she never returned home after that day. The Belfort family didn’t know what to do and where to go. After contacting the police, they searched for Priscilla tirelessly without a positive solution. To this day, Priscilla is still missing, and the Belfort family is trying to find answers. Together 4 them was established in 2019, a 501© nonprofit organization that has it mains goal to bring awareness about human/sex trafficking and to educate the communities on the dangers of predatory violence, thus preventing any human being abduction.

Priscila Belfort

Alongside Joana and Vitor Belfort, our work and the new initiatives ahead of us are only possible with the help of the ongoing support and contributions from people like you. We’re proud to have donations large and small, regular or infrequent, from all walks of life and from people of differing political persuasions, religions, and ethnicities. That’s because the evils of human trafficking do not discriminate, and all of us are impacted.   


Make a tax-deductible donation today by using the form below and join us in our mission to renew hope, uplift the broken, and champion those battling human trafficking on the front lines!  


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About us

While some may not know it, the issues of human trafficking and missing persons are deeply personal for Joana and Vitor Belfort. In 2004, Priscilla Belfort, Vitor’s sister, went missing and has yet to be found. This tragic event and the ensuing circumstances are all too common in the modern era, and the pain that families feel can last for years, even a lifetime.  

While the Belfort family endures the uncertainty and sadness of their own case, they also chose to take action on behalf of victims and families across the planet by creating the Together 4 Them nonprofit organization. It is a chance to bring together and partner with other organizations to create awareness and empower others on how to protect themselves from predators and join the cause to combat (and eventually defeat) human trafficking in all forms.

For Joana and Vitor, and their entire team of volunteers, Together 4 Them is their personal labor of love, and a way to give back to others. The goal is to reach every neighborhood and impact every community where human trafficking and missing persons cases have left a scar. It’s their way to ensure that those considered most vulnerable are helped – with meaningful connections and pathways to healing. Some call it social responsibility, Joana and Vitor call it “loving and helping others.”

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Our Events

We’re proud to announce new events and initiatives coming in 2022 and 2023 as part of a new phase in Together 4 Them’s mission to aggressively take on human trafficking and provide for the victims and families of those subject to it. Check out some recent announcements below and be sure to fill out the form to stay informed about ways you can contribute and participate in events near your community.