community food packing event

changing the face of hunger


100% of all donations will go towards buying nutritional whole foods in bulk. On November 27th they will be packed by volunteers into individual nutritionally balanced meals that have an FDA shelf-life of two years. 

coming together for them!

feel good when you help your neighbor

Gabriela gives thanks...

Her life could have been completely different without food assistance.  Now she is a self-sufficient member of the community and proud to work for a company that is dedicated to helping her neighbourhood grow stronger. She urges everyone to reach out and help those that are in need!

Hunger is closer than you think...

Davi Belfort describes the face of hunger in his school by sharing his surprise to find out that the family of a friend on his football team struggles with food insecurities.  He points out that young students that are facing periods of hunger in the US do not look any different from another kid.

It takes a village...

We are now Covid-19 ready and need you to help to to make this event happen!  According to Feeding Florida, there are 800,000 children in Florida who need food! That hungry child could be living just down your block. Please give. If not in donations, we need your time. Come to our food packing event where a one dollar donation will provide three meals for local kids and their families. This packing event will provide meals that are balanced in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Each meal will be FDA approved for a shelf life of two years after we measured and pack the ingredients.

happy volunteers Feed ing the hungry

Be A Hero For One Day!

"Vitor and I thank all the people involved in making this mission possible and hope to make a difference by giving back to the communitie we live in"
Joana Belfort Head Shot
Joana Belfort
Co founder

if you have any questions please

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Donation Total: $30.00


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