About T4T

Together 4 Them is a 501(c) Nonprofit organization created by Joana Prado Belfort, Vítor Belfort’s wife to bring awareness and education to the communities in South Florida about the missing people issue.

A missing person is a person who has disappeared and whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed as their location and condition are not known.

Vitor’s sister, Priscila Belfort, has been missing since January 9th 2004 and until today The Belfort Family is doing a hard work of prevention in combating human trafficking.

Vitor and Joana have decided to partner up with other Nonprofits to bring awareness and teach others how to protect themselves from the Human Trafficking predators.

Together 4 Them is also feeding the hungry.

In the middle of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, in 2020, T4T was actively involved in helping those who were affected directly or indirectly by Covid.

According to Feeding Florida, there are 800,000 children in Florida who need food. That hungry child could be living just down the block.

Together4Them is Joana and Vitor personal labor of love, and a way to give back to others.

Their goal is to reach every neighborhood so that they can positively impact that community.

It’s their way to insure that those that are considered vulnerable are benefited where ever in the world that may be.

Some call it social responsibility, Joana and Vitor call it “loving and helping others”.

Alone we can never find them but together we can.

Why we Exist

Growing up in Brazil we experienced a lot of human injustice. Poverty was a way of life and seeing it broke my heart daily.

When Priscila, Vitor’s sister, disappeared into thin air, we knew it was time for us to move the family to the US. A place where in our minds, our family could live free of these oppressions.

However, now after years of residing here, and especially after Covid-19, we are saddened to discover that similar problems occultly exist here as well. Even in our very own neighborhoods where we live and work!

For this reason, Vitor and I formed T4T a 501© Nonprofit.

In such a great country that we now call home, and one that has given us so much opportunity, the problem of food insecurity and missing people should not be allowed to exist.

This nonprofit is our personal labor of love, and a way to give back to our community and the people we now call our neighbors.

Our goal is to reach every neighborhood where we do business, so that we can positively impact that community.

It is our way ensure that those who support us are also benefited wherever in the world that may be.

Some call it social responsibility, I call it “loving thy neighbor”!

Joana Belfort Head Shot

Joana Belfort


Alone we can never find them but together we can.

Since 2004 when my sister was missing, I could never understand why & how someone can be missing with no one knowing what happened.

The more I was alone the darker my life got in that moment, it was when I realize that together involve others.

With others I saw the light into my darkness and now I know how much all the families that have someone missing need our help.

Together we are always better. Together we can help to prevent and bring back many of these precious lives back home.

I invite all of you to fight this fight with us because we are TOGETHER 4 THEM.”

Vítor Belfort

Vítor Belfort


Help Missing People


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